Standard Fly Screen Enclosures

Standard Fly Screen Enclosure Standard Fly Screen Enclosure Australian Security & Awning Products

We manufacture and instal patio/screen enclosures. All types. Such as:

  • Standard Fibreglass Fly Screen Mesh or Midgee Mesh
  • Using a combination of 7mm diamond shape grille and fly screen.  In gallery view example of grille in bottom half of the enclosure and “Patio” enclosure mesh top to bottom to keep the insects out.  Suitable for small toddlers, to roam around in their tricycle in a confined space.
  • Another example in the gallery; Using “Dado” wall on the bottom of the enclosure, then meshed with “Patio enclosure” mesh above it.  Ideal for pets and stops rain slashing in. Also for small children with tricycles colliding on the wall.
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